Fashion Finds: Topman


One thing that I always look for when I’m shopping is a good deal. I do not feel that you have to spend thousands of dollars in order to look good so I am going to have a new section of my blog devoted strictly to “Fashion Finds.”

Our first fashion find is Topman. The name may sound familiar because is the male companion store to the famous, UK-based Topshop. Continue reading


Brands to Watch: Valentín


I am going to be starting a new segment called “Brands to Watch” where I periodically spotlight new and up-and-coming brands that I think you should look at in order to stay modern.

This week I have chosen to spotlight Valentín, by Valentín Chmerkovskiy (Brand Director), of Dancing with the Stars fame, and Nicole Volynets (Creative Director), also an accomplished dancer. Valentín can be described as a combination high-end, upscale materials mixed with diverse, street styles and designs. One of my favorite things about this brand is that it promotes a strong sense of individuality and self-expression amongst its consumers.

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Dressing For The Job


This week I wanted to do something different and give some helpful tips on how to dress for job interviews. Before you even open your mouth to greet the interviewer, your outfit and clothing choices will already have done the talking for you. When dressing for an interview, you never want to be too casual or too formal. Here are some examples of how not to dress.

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