2014 Winter Olympic Fashion


The 2014 Winter Olympics begin in just two days and will be held in Sochi, Russia. For this week’s blog, I decided to highlight some of my favorite opening ceremony looks for the 2014 Olympics.

ImageThe opening ceremony outfit for the United States Olympic team was designed by Ralph Lauren. The use of white pants certainly help to neutralize what could be an overpowering sweater. In the same way, the decision to have the athletes wear white turtlenecks instead of colors allows for the sweater to be the main focal point. In the grand scheme of 2014 Olympic uniforms, this is definitely one of the better options.

ImageOne of my favorite uniforms that I saw was the French Olympic team. Their uniforms were designed by French designer Lacoste. I particularly like the tapered, streamlined look of the outfit. In addition, I also thought that the use of a puffer vest on the men’s uniform was a brilliant touch. Since the Olympics are taking place in Russia in the midst of winter, all the designers were tasked with finding a way to make the uniforms both practical and stylish. Personally, I feel like Lacoste did the best job of keeping the uniforms sleek and modern, while also making them functional for the winter.

ImageLastly, I chose to include the Bulgarian uniform because I appreciate its simplicity and the sense of nostalgia it evokes. Designed by AGRESSIA, the team uniform seems like nothing more than a heavy-duty warmup suit from the 90s. In fact, I think I had a similar warmup suit to this, but with different colors, when I was younger.

Now I know many of you all have become accustomed to me offering ways for you to get the looks mentioned in this blog; however, given the nature of this post’s topic, it has proven quite difficult to find some of these items for general purchase. Even so, I have found a way for you all to be decked out in your official USA Olympic apparel from Ralph Lauren. Just head on over to http://teamusa.ralphlauren.com and pick out all your limited-edition Team USA Olympic wear.

Until next time,

305 Gentleman


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